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Diru perverted [entries|friends|calendar]
A Dir en grey RPG

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Meeting [26 Nov 2005|04:11pm]

Those of you that STILL haven't joined K E R O I D O:

Since only one person showed up in the meeting, I'm gonna make another one :D Okay this time it's gonna be in Tuesday the 29 around 5:00 PM and 6:00 PM Okay people don't miss it people. I know last one was short notice, but I really thought I was leaving out of town yesterday, but there has been changes o__o REMEMBER 29 AROUND 5:00 PM AND 6:00 PM IN AIM Please leave a comment if your not able to make it, and please leave a comment letting me know that you are gonna make it :D

EDIT: The meeting is only for the RPers, readers are safe xD;
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NOTICE [25 Nov 2005|01:35am]

For those of you that hasn't joined KEROIDO yet:

Okay people, we are going to have some kind of meeting, tomorrow around 1:00 PM or 2:00PM If I don't wake up by that time, just go ahead and do it it without me. I'm gonna be counting on the other Mod ^^ Anyway the reason I wanted it to be tomorrow is because I'm probably gonna be leaving out of town this week. So remember people TOMORROW AROUND 1:00PM OR 2:00PM Don't miss it!! :D

Oh and again please promote, it feels so empty *sees a tumble weed* XD

EDIT: Oh sorry I forgot to mention that it's only for the roleplayers xD; The readers are safe ^^;
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Keroido [16 Nov 2005|04:50pm]

Okay then, I have created another community, it's the same as this one but it has a diffrent name, and yes I am happy with it xD, so there won't be any further changes on the community name. So if you are a member of this community please go ahead and join the new diru__perverted, K e r o i d o Woo~
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Update [15 Nov 2005|04:33pm]

Hmm..I don't know but I'm having second thought of the community name. I think I want to make a new community, it would have the same rules and same info that's here, but it will just have a diffrent name.
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Update [15 Nov 2005|06:33am]

[ mood | tired ]

Ok so I did the interview with zetsubou_cashew and I think she makes a very fine Kaoru. For now, I'm going to say that she's in unless the other mod doesn't feel good about it. And now we are only looking for the following characters.


Have a good day. ^_^
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First Post [13 Nov 2005|09:58pm]

Here are the following positions that are available:



If you are intrested in rping either Shinya or Kaoru, please comment ^^
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