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Diru perverted

come and join us!

A Dir en grey RPG
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This is yet another a Dir en grey RPG community. I was inspired to make one ever since I joined berry__perverted.

The Characters~

Toshiya= {Taken} AIM=niikuratoshimasa JOURNAL= aoi_no_bassu
Kyo= {Taken} AIM=Jrroku JOURNAL= madyogensha
Die= {Taken} AIM=hommusan JOURNAL= fat_daisuke
Kaoru= {Still Open}
Shinya= {Still Open}

The actual rules of this community are to be decided. For now, here are the basics.

~Storybook style of rping. Write in paragraphs, use correct grammer and all that jazz. Understand?

~ We don't want people that can't spell, and we don't want stuff "Lyke ThIs, OMG Lyke sOoO cOoL".

~This rp will end up having yaoi. If you don't like it then this isn't your place.

~Keep it simple people okay. And Just have fun with this ^^

~If you are interested in one of the parts that haven't already been taken, please contact terashii at jrroku on aim or fake_antidote at niikuratoshimasa on aim. Yes we are using aim so you must have that.

Like I said before, more rule to come.